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Organization Information

Spot 31
12424 E 31st Street
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74146

Spor 31 Facebook

Days of Operation: Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri

Hours of Operation:

7:00am – 6:00pm

Types of Assistance your organization provides:

Meals, Childcare, Educational Activity, Recreational Activity

Number of Individuals Able to Serve Per Day:  30

Age Groups Served:  K – 5th Grade

Ratio of kids to adults:  15 to 2

Average total number of kids per group:  15

Actions Required to Access Service:
Call for Apointment, Request Online

Description of Services:

Spot 31 is a non-profit organization offering children in the first through sixth-grade assistance with virtual learning, breakfast, lunch, snacks, and daily enrichment activities such as archery, art, Lego engineering, recess.

Fees charged for services: 

We offer childcare for children ages 6-12. First through sixth, grade this includes breakfast, lunch, snacks, adult supervision, and assistance with virtual learning and enrichment activities. Our fee is $100 per week.

Computer Accessibility for Distance Learning:

Internet Accessibility for Distance Learning:

Bilingual Supports:

Are masks required for youth?:

Are masks required for adults?:

Please Describe your Safety Plan

Children, employees, and volunteers are screened and temperature is taken as they enter. Everyone is required to wash hands before accessing the rest of the building. Children are spaced six feet apart during virtual learning, and when eating.
Children are required to wear a mask when they leave their individual learning area. Touchable surfaces including tables, light switches, bathroom faucets, doorknobs are cleaned three times daily. Children are required to wash hands before and after all activities. Temperatures are taken before afternoon recess. All touchable items and surfaces are sanitized at the end of each day and floors are mopped daily. This includes Legos, markers, glue bottles. Children can not share supplies, such as scissors, glue bottles, crayons. There is a clean and dirty bin for items that can not be washed such as books, paper, etc. Any child not feeling well or running a temperature is required to separate from the rest of the children until parents can pick them up.

Please describe your contact tracing plan (if someone has come in contact with COVID, how will families be notified?)

We keep records of when children are checked in and out. We also have a parent/guardian phone number on file for all children. If someone has come in contact with COVID families are contacted by phone as soon as we are notified.

Types of Donations your organization accepts for this purpose:
 Food Donations

Willing to take volunteers to assist with this effort? Yes


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